How To Deal With Pests Before, During, And After Moving

Moving is a hectic time for most people. The only thing that can make the moving process worse is to find yourself moving in with pests. With careful planning and execution of your move, you can identify problems before you move or at least when it is easier to tackle the problem. Consider Your Timing If you have more flexibility when you start looking for another residence or when you will move, consider waiting until the weather becomes colder.

What To Do When You Find Rats In Your Home

Have you found an oversized rodent dropping hiding in one of your cabinets? Maybe you noticed it in the dust that you’ve just swept out of your basement. Either way, that one dropping is your first warning sign that you have unwanted guests moving in – you have rats. What do you do now? Look for Further Evidence Return to the area where you found the dropping. Begin looking all over for any holes, signs of chewing, more droppings or trails of damaged building materials lying about.