Keeping Mice Away From Your Garden Shed

If you have a shed on your property that you utilize to hold your gardening tools and landscaping items, you will want to take steps in keeping this enclosure free of mice. If mice get into your shed, they can gnaw through bagged materials and leave droppings amount your gardening supplies. Since mice carry bacteria, this puts you at risk for health problems if you are exposed to germs left behind.

How To Prevent And Remove Silverfish

Silverfish are a common household pest that, despite their name, more closely resemble a cockroach or millipede than any type of aquatic animal. Silverfish are particularly nasty, as they eat paper and fabric throughout your home, which can cause damage to your carpeting and furniture if left unchecked. Thankfully, there are a number of steps that you can take to prevent silverfish from inhabiting your house, and removing them if they ever do manage to get inside.

Do Mosquitoes Love To Feast On You? Plant These Plants To Keep Them Away

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous creature in the world, and they kill tens of millions of people each year with mosquito-borne diseases, such as encephalitis, yellow fever, and filariasis. Mosquitoes seem to like some people more than others and if they have chosen you to feast on, there are things you can do to keep them away. One thing is planting the below plants in your yard where you generally frequent, such as near a patio or a porch.

What To Do About Scurrying Squirrels In The Walls And Ceiling

The sound of scurrying claws running across a ceiling may shock a homeowner. Fears are sure to run through a person’s mind about a disease-carrying creature finding its way into the living room or the kitchen. If the hyperactive animal turns out to be a squirrel, people may breathe a sigh of relief since these critters are usually thought of as harmless. The presence of squirrels should be ignored, however, since they can cause damage to a home and present  health hazards.

Man, That Hurts! 2 Simple Ways to Alleviate the Pain of a Fire-Ant Sting

Now that summer is in full-swing, you’ll be heading outdoors for some fun in the sun. That means the fire ants will be heading out too. Unfortunately, you can’t always see fire ants until it’s too late. That’s because they like to hide underground or around the base of trees. If you’ve never been stung by a fire ant, you’re lucky. Their stings are extremely painful. Fire ants are related to bees and wasps, which is one of the reasons why their stings are so painful.

Three Tips For Controlling Bed Bugs With Your Vacuum Cleaner

Bed bugs are stubborn pests, so pest controllers get rid of them with integrated pest management. Integrated pest management involves combining traditional insecticide treatments with home remedies like vacuuming up the bugs. Here are three tips for controlling bed bugs with your vacuum cleaner. Use a vacuum with strong suction Bed bugs are able to tightly grips surfaces thanks to the tiny claws on the tips of their feet. If you use a vacuum with weak suction, they can use these claws to hang on tight and resist being sucked up by your vacuum cleaner.

Natural Termite Elimination Tips To Help Protect Your Home

Termite infestation can not only cause damage to property around the house, but can also compromise the structural integrity of the house. Getting rid of termite colonies is therefore something that every homeowner should do as soon as he or she becomes aware of the infestation.  Here are natural ways through which you can get rid of your termite problem. Orange oil Orange oil is a byproduct of the orange-juice-making process.

Outdoor Pest Control: How To Keep Raccoons Away

There are few things scarier than when you look out your sliding glass window into the backyard and see two large raccoons staring back at you. Raccoons are not shy creatures. If they think you have food they can get to, they will welcome themselves onto your property and find what they can. Unfortunately, they can also be a major nuisance and do damage to your garden after tipping over your trash can.

How to Determine Where to Set Bait Traps Around Your Home to Eradicate Norway and Roof Rats

Rats are starting to sneak into homes to escape freezing temperatures now that winter has finally arrived in full force across the northern sections of the U.S. One way to control rats is by using enclosed rat bait traps. These types of traps have openings that are too small for dogs and cats to get into, and are safer to use around the home than bait trays that are left out in the open.