Win The Battle Of The Termites

You want to make sure you know what types of things draw termites to your property and your home, so you know what things you should be avoiding. By taking the proper steps to make your property unattractive to termites, you can end up saving your home and any other buildings on the property from their horrible destruction. Here are some of the things you should be doing with termite prevention in mind.

Watch how future buildings are constructed

If your home has already been constructed, then you can't have much to do about this. However, when it comes to having future buildings constructed on the property, there are some important tips to follow that will help to make those structures less appealing to termites. There should be a concrete foundation laid with a ventilation space that allows for ventilation between the wood and the ground. Also, the wood should be sealed properly or have a metal barrier put in place.

Firewood should be properly stored

If you are going to have leftover firewood that will need to be stored for a good part of the year, then it should be stored as far away from the house as is reasonable. The wood should not be sitting on the ground but should instead be up at least a couple of inches off the ground.

Fill all cracks you can find in your foundation

It's normal for you to end up with some cracks in the foundation of your home once the house settles. Some areas are even more susceptible to getting cracks in the foundation, such as areas where there are earthquakes. As soon as you find any cracks, then you want to make sure to fill them as much as possible with caulking, grout, or cement.

Cut back trees that are very close to your home or other buildings on the property

If you have trees that are very close to your home or even that has branches that hang near the roof, then you are going to be putting your home more at risk of having termites by leaving them there. Cutting them back or having them completely removed if they are problematic enough can be a real win in your fight against termites.

Have pest control come out routinely

One of the best things you can do to fight off many different types of pests is to have a service set up with a pest control company like All Clear Exterminating who will come routinely to spray your home and property.