Keeping Mice Away From Your Garden Shed

If you have a shed on your property that you utilize to hold your gardening tools and landscaping items, you will want to take steps in keeping this enclosure free of mice. If mice get into your shed, they can gnaw through bagged materials and leave droppings amount your gardening supplies. Since mice carry bacteria, this puts you at risk for health problems if you are exposed to germs left behind. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your shed is left mouse-free so you can enjoy your gardening activities without worry about damaged or dirty items left behind from the presence of these rodents.

Secure The Exterior Of The Structure

If your shed is riddled with cracks and crevices, mice and an array of other pests will be able to get into the structure. The exterior should be free of all voids so pests cannot make their way to the inside. Fill in cracks with caulk and use pieces of steel wool to fill in smaller holes. The wool can be covered with pieces of flashing or wire mesh to help secure the area so mice cannot get through the barrier.

Check Around Doors And Windows

It is important to fill in any space between the door and the shed's flooring to help keep mice out of the structure. This can be done with the aid of a door sweep along the bottom edge of the door. Pieces of weather-stripping can be placed along the top and sides of the door to help fill in any gap between the door and the walls of the shed. If you have a window or two in the shed, these will also need to be checked for gaps that mice can use as a passage to the inside of the building. Use caulk to fill in any cracks around windows if necessary.

Take Away Attractive Items

If there is a wood pile present upon your property, and it is located relatively close to your shed, consider moving it to an area further away from the structure. Mice tend to harbor themselves among pieces of wood as they provide a dry location for them to nest in inclement weather. If the wood is kept out of the line of sight of the shed, it will be less likely mice will make their way to the building.

Cover any sources of water in your yard when they are not in use so mice do not have an easy to access supply. This would include bird baths, small swimming pools, or fountains. Make sure to take in outdoor pet food dishes or feed your pets inside your home to eliminate this potential food source for mice. If mice do not have food or water within easy reach, they will move on to other areas in search for these items.

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