What To Do About Scurrying Squirrels In The Walls And Ceiling

The sound of scurrying claws running across a ceiling may shock a homeowner. Fears are sure to run through a person's mind about a disease-carrying creature finding its way into the living room or the kitchen. If the hyperactive animal turns out to be a squirrel, people may breathe a sigh of relief since these critters are usually thought of as harmless. The presence of squirrels should be ignored, however, since they can cause damage to a home and present  health hazards. Therefore, performing the right actions is strongly advised the minute these furry intruders are heard moving about in walls and ceilings.

Daytime Indicators

No one can tell for sure what kind of pest has made its way into a home until the creature has been positively identified. There are, however, certain traits that could indicate a particular pest. If the scurrying is very fast and occurs during the daytime, then chances are strong that the creature is a squirrel. To some, this might be very good news since squirrels are far preferable to rats, mice, and larger creatures such as possums and raccoons. Unfortunately, a lack of fear over a "mere squirrel" may lead a homeowner to be emboldened to take improper action.  

A Disastrous Poison Plan

Cutting a small piece out of the ceiling or wall, inserting poison through, and then repairing the hole with a DIY spackle repair kit seems easy enough, but it is hardly a good idea. Any squirrels that end up dying inside the walls are going to remain there decomposing. Besides the obvious problem of creating a foul stench, the rotting squirrel corpse could attract rats or other vermin. That patchwork job is going to be a lot easier for rodents to chew through than thick drywall. Besides, poisoning the squirrels never addresses how they breached the interior in the first place.

Go with Traps and Seals

Older homes may end up developing age and weather-related holes in the roof and exterior walls. Even small holes may be more than enough for squirrels to enter. A trap can be set up at the entry point to capture any squirrels in the home. After some time has passed and the squirrels are no longer present in the home, steps can be taken to seal up the entry points. Professional pest control services should be called in to perform this type of work. A skilled professional knows how to locate all the entry points, select the appropriate traps, the do the job right.

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