Three Tips For Controlling Bed Bugs With Your Vacuum Cleaner

Bed bugs are stubborn pests, so pest controllers get rid of them with integrated pest management. Integrated pest management involves combining traditional insecticide treatments with home remedies like vacuuming up the bugs. Here are three tips for controlling bed bugs with your vacuum cleaner.

Use a vacuum with strong suction

Bed bugs are able to tightly grips surfaces thanks to the tiny claws on the tips of their feet. If you use a vacuum with weak suction, they can use these claws to hang on tight and resist being sucked up by your vacuum cleaner. To overcome their claws, make sure to use a vacuum with strong suction.

Generally, lightweight vacuums that are battery-powered don't have the section required to pick up bed bugs. The standard upright vacuum that you would use to clean your carpets also may not be good enough, though some models allow you to turn up the suction. It's best to choose a canister vacuum as these models are easy to maneuver and have strong suction.

Use the crevice tool

Since bed bugs have flattened bodies, it's easy for them to squeeze into cracks and crevices. They're able to fit into a space as narrow as a credit card, so you'll need to vacuum your home very thoroughly with the crevice tool of your vacuum to make sure you get all the bugs.

Use your crevice tool to carefully vacuum around the edges of your rooms to remove bed bugs that are hiding beneath the bottoms of your baseboards. You can also use your crevice tool to clean the insides of drawers or the gaps between your couch cushions. Bed bugs can also hide at the junction of walls and ceilings, so use your crevice tool in these areas as well.

Empty the vacuum outdoors

If you're not careful, your vacuum could become infested with bed bugs, and when you use the vacuum to clean non-infested areas of your home, you could spread the bugs to new areas. This is possible because bed bugs may not be killed by their trip into the vacuum, and if they survive they will lay eggs within the device.

Once you're done vacuuming, go outdoors to empty the vacuum. Emptying the vacuum is easiest if your vacuum has a throwaway bag; you simply need to remove the bag from the vacuum and put it into an outdoor garbage can. If your vacuum is bagless, carefully remove the canister and empty its contents into a trashcan. Do a visual inspection of the canister afterwards to make sure that no bed bugs or eggs have been left behind.

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