Preventing Bed Bugs In Your Home

Once you get bed bugs in your home, they can be very difficult for you to get rid of. This is why it's best for you to do everything you can to prevent them from coming in to your home in the first place. You can learn about some of the ways you can help prevent your home from getting infested with bed bugs in this article.

Be careful when you go to hotels

Staying in a hotel room can put you at an increased risk of bringing bed bugs into your home. They can attach themselves to just about anything you bring into the hotel room with you and hitchhike back into your own home upon your return. Therefore, you should inspect your hotel room carefully to make absolute sure you aren't staying in one that may have bed bugs.

Pay special attention to the bed, and this includes the sheets, mattress, box spring, headboard and the area under the bed. Look for the bugs themselves or for signs such as brown spots, which indicate they have been in that area. Since they are quite small, make sure you turn on all available lights before you check the room. Also, check the chairs, couches and inside the dresser drawers.

If you notice any small bites while staying in a hotel, change rooms immediately. Also, when you get home you want to wash and dry your clothing on hot cycles and check each piece thoroughly afterward. If you see any signs of bed bugs, then it may be best to get rid of these items so you don't risk bringing the pests into your home.

Check any furniture you are bringing into your home

If you are going to be bringing any used pieces of furniture into your home, then there is always the chance that you may be bringing bed bugs in with those pieces. Check the surfaces of each piece, as well as the areas under them. If there are parts that you can separate, pull them apart and look inside.

Along with checking furniture, you should also check other types of items that bed bugs can attach to, such as carpet and rugs, bedding, stuffed animals, cat scratching posts or anything else that has material. All used clothes should be checked and washed and dried on a high heat.

If you feel there may be a chance that you have exposed your home to bed bugs, then you should have a pest control company, such as Swat Bug Killers Pest Control, come out to inspect. This way, they can treat your home, if necessary, before there is a big problem.