3 Ways To Keep Termites Away From Your House

Dealing with a serious termite infestation can be one of a homeowner's greatest nightmares. Termites can ruin a house as well as the foundation of a house. They're also, of course, costly to remove. If you are looking for ways to discourage termites from ever claiming your house and entering your foundation in the first place, here are three recommendations:

Avoid Water Drainage Areas Near the Property

Termites are naturally attracted to moist soil underneath the foundation of a house. This is due to the fact that while termites live inside the wood of your house, they still need water to survive. Burrowing into wood that's near moisture helps these pests flourish.

If you have any rain gutters, dripping evaporative coolers, or water fixtures that are near the house and often cause the ground to become moist, you should think about moving those fixtures or gutters and fixing anything that leaks near the house. Excess water runoff should flow away from your property, not towards the foundation of your house.

Keep Wood Away

Make sure to keep any wood far away from the foundation of your house. This can encourage termites to settle close to the foundation where they can easily move under the property. Any piles of chopped wood, loose boards, or wooden pallets, etc., should be kept as far away from the property and foundation as possible. Even if the wood is securely on cement, this will not guarantee that termites do not find it.

Keep Landscaping Away

You'll also want to keep any yard landscaping far enough away from your house as to avoid direct contact. Termites often settle into areas where brush, bushes, and mulch are commonly found. Having such materials next to the foundation of your house will encourage termites to settle into the foundation.

When making landscaping plans, it's a good idea to consider building a cement walkway or porch that extends around the entire foundation of your house. This will ensure that there's enough room between the foundation and any landscaping to deter termites. If cement walkways aren't an option, consider using decorative rocks and brick to create a barrier that doesn't include brush, mulch, or any plant life.

Keep the above tips in mind when making changes to your house and yard to keep termites from ever discovering your property and causing serious damage. The best method of controlling pests is to prevent them from ever becoming an issue. If you suspect your house already has a termite problem, contact a local pest control company like Total Control Termite And Pest.