Try These 5 Natural Ways to Remove the Pest Problem in Your Yard

If you enjoy watching the wildlife that comes near your home, but you don't like the fact that they're destroying your landscaping, it might help you to know that there are safe and humane ways to keep them away. These simple tricks will keep the wildlife a safe distance away from your yard.

Your Own Hair

Deer love to investigate yards. If the local deer have taken a liking to your plants, you can deter them using your own hair. Whenever you cut your hair, save the trimmings. Place the trimmings inside old socks and hang them around the outer edges of your yard. The deer will smell human hair and stay out of your yard.

Scented Bath Soap

Those decorative bars of soap provide a safe way for keeping the local wildlife out of your yard. Use a large needle to feed fishing line through the center of the soap and then hang the soap around your yard. Animals like deer, rabbits, and raccoons will smell the scent and leave your yard alone.

Soap and Eggs

Deer like to chew on tree bark. Unfortunately, that can destroy your trees. You can prevent chewing by applying a soapy mixture to your tree trunks. Combine 2 teaspoons of dish soap and 1 egg. Place the soap mixture in a quart of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray your trees with the mixture and allow it to air dry. Once the deer start chewing on your trees, they'll taste the soap and egg and move away. Don't worry. The soap won't harm the deer.

Decorative Lights

Decorative lights can bring a festive appearance to any yard. They can also keep wildlife out of your yard. String white lights around your yard and leave them on at night. Area wildlife will be frightened off by the lights and leave your yard alone.

Jingle Bells

If rabbits and other small animals are eating your fresh vegetables, deter them with jingle bells. String jingle bells on fishing line and hang them around the perimeter of your garden. When the animals try to enter your garden, they'll hit the fishing line and make the bells jingle. The sound will scare the little critters away.

If you love wildlife but you hate having your yard destroyed, you can use these safe and humane ways to keep the animals out of your garden. The animals will still come close enough for you to enjoy watching but they won't get close enough to damage your landscaping. If the wildlife in your yard becomes more than a nuisance, be sure to call for professional pest removal such as Select Pest Control.