Nine Tips On Avoiding Bee Stings

If you've got a bee hive around your home, you're risking a bee sting every time you go out in the yard. Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to avoid making yourself a target for your home's apian invaders.

The following are nine tips on how you can prevent bee stings even if your yard is currently home to a busy bees' nest:

  • Avoid eating in the yard- Food tends to attract bees. This is especially the case if it's sugary food. Don't consume soda, fruit, juice, or other sweet foods and beverages near a bee infestation. 
  • Don't wear bright colors- Bees are attracted to anything that looks or smells like a flower. If you wear bright colors, you'll probably find that bees are inclined to fly over to investigate you. Wear subdued colors until any bee infestation in your yard has been removed. 
  • Don't walk around without shoes on- Bees tend to extract pollen from flowers located underfoot. If you step on one, you'll most definitely be stung. Keep your shoes on until the bees are gone. 
  • Don't use perfume and cologne- Bees are typically attracted to strong scents. If you've got perfume or cologne on, bees will probably be just as attracted to you as they are to fragrant flowers. Avoid going out into the yard with perfume or cologne on if you're dealing with a nearby beehive. 
  • Don't leave your car windows down- When car windows are left down, both bees and wasps have a tendency to fly inside to check things out. Make sure you roll your windows up to avoid the nuisance of having to shoo a bee out. 
  • Don't let residue accumulate on your garbage and recycling containers- Bees will begin to hang around in your yard if dirty garbage and recycling bins are lying around. This is especially true if these containers are covered with sugary residue. 
  • Keep away from the flower beds- Bees are going to be attracted to your flower beds when they're looking for sources of pollen. Keep away from them if you're dealing with a bee infestation. 
  • Don't wear loose clothing- Those who wear loose fitting clothing might find themselves having to deal with the unpleasant situation of having a bee fly up a pant leg or under a baggy shirt. 
  • Don't move- When a bee comes close, you should stay still and avoiding swatting at it. Swatting at a bee is likely to put the bee in the mood for a fight, and you'll likely end up stung. 

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