Fruit Flies Be Gone: How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies For Good

If you have a problem with fruit flies in your kitchen then you know how problematic they can be. While you may think they are going to be nearly impossible to get rid of, the good news is there are some things you can do to make their removal quite simple. Following the tips below will help you to get rid of the fruit flies in your kitchen and stop more from coming.

Check all fruit and vegetables

Fruit flies usually pay a visit to your kitchen due to the presence of fruit or vegetables that are on their way out. For this reason, you want to make sure you check the condition of all your produce and make sure it's all fresh. If any of it is questionable then you want to dispose of it in your outside garbage away from the house. You'll also want to make sure you clean the area where the fruit was to get rid of any leftover residue the fruit flies would be attracted to.

Keep the kitchen clean

Keeping the kitchen clean is going to be one of the most proactive ways for you to keep the fruit flies away. You want to make sure nothing is left around that has fruit or sugar in it. This includes wine glasses and bottles, soda cans, juice containers, dirty drinking cups, etc. Get in the habit of rinsing off your dirty dishes right away before placing them in the sink.

Keep your sponges and dish rags clean

Fruit flies will also go after the dirty dish rags and sponges in your kitchen. This is why you want to wash your dish rags often. You can sterilize your dish sponge by putting it into your microwave for two minutes. This will thoroughly clean it so you can continue using it without worry. It's also a great way to know your cleaning your dishes with a nice clean sponge.

Set some traps in the kitchen

Vinegar traps are one of the most effective ways to get rid of the fruit flies you already have in your kitchen. To make a vinegar trap you will take a small glass and a small amount of apple cider vinegar in it. Cover the glass with a piece of plastic wrap and secure it in place with a rubber band. Cut a few small holes in the plastic. You want the holes easy for the flies to get in, but hard for them to find their way out. They will go in the glass because they are attracted to the vinegar and then they will drown.

If you have followed all the tips above and you are still having problems with fruit flies then you should call a pest control company (such as American Pest Solutions) to come out.