Natural Ways To Control Ants This Spring

If the ants seem to love to make your house their home every spring, this year, you can get the jump on them with these natural remedies. These natural remedies are easy to make and use. Different remedies work better with certain types of ants. If one of the remedies listed below does not work, try another!


Ants seem to dislike bay leaves as well as mint. To keep ants out of your house, try planting some mint and bay leaves near your front and back door. You can also lay out mint leaves and lay leaves around your home where you typically find the ants to discourage them from entering your home.

The best part about these two methods is that bay leaves and mint leaves are perfectly fine for your kids and animals to consume. So even if you leave some leaves laying around and your kids or animals get into them, they will be okay.

Ant Trails

Another way to fight ants in your home to mess up their paths with a substance that they cannot stand. If one of these substances does not work for you,  just try another. One of these is sure to do the job!

  • White Wine Vinegar: Fill a spray bottle with white wine vinegar. Spray it around places where you have seen the ants at, like on your counter, windowsill, and doorways. Allow the vinegar to dry naturally. This seems to scare off the ants, and you only have to put up with the vinegar smell for a few minutes. You can also mix in a little water with the vinegar if the smell is too much for you too handle.
  • Cinnamon: Ants also do not seem to like the smell and taste of cinnamon. You can take a little ground cinnamon and sprinkle it where you see their paths. You can also use some cinnamon essential oils and use a q-tip to draw a border around your doors, windows, and floors where you see them coming in. Either method works and will keep the ants at bay.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint seems to work just like cinnamon does. You can take a q-tip, dip it in some peppermint essential oils, and place the oil wherever the ants come in. You can also mix some peppermint essential oils with some water and liquid soap, and spray it around the affected areas.

Fighting ants does not have to be difficult. There are numerous herbs and spices that make ants turn around and choose another path. Try out one of the natural listed methods above today to curb your ant problem this spring. 

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