Why Biological Pest Control Is Superior To Chemical Pest Control

Pollution has become a big issue in today's societies. This is because it not only affects the environment, but it also impacts human health negatively. At the micro-level, pollution results from the use of any product containing chemicals, such as pesticides. As you might know, such products have proved to be effective in fighting pest populations. Yet, many studies have questioned the overall efficiency of those products and their ability to eradicate insects in the long run. This article discusses why biological pest control is better than chemical pest control.

Chemical pest control is inefficient

As mentioned earlier, pesticides have been linked with negative effects on both the ecosystem and human health. But perhaps their biggest flaw is the fact that they may lose their ability to fulfill the very purpose for which they were invented, i.e. exterminating pests.

Indeed, there have been many reports throughout the United States of households experiencing infestation issues years after thinking that they had permanently dealt with the pest problem. As these people were trying to re-use the same pesticides, they noticed that those products no longer had any effects on the pest populations, which means that the insects had somehow developed defensive mechanisms. 

Biological pest control is a better alternative

Biological pest control is an interesting alternative to chemical pest control because it doesn't pose any threats to the health of users. Biological methods to fight pests are based on the use of natural processes designed to eradicate unwanted pests among human beings. One way to apply them is by altering the reproductive behavior of pests, which will ultimately lead to the elimination of the pest problem. Another way is by inserting predators in the environment where pests have settled.

Other things to consider about biological pest control

There are many people who criticize biological pest control as being limited. Their main argument is that the eradication of pests with biological methods takes much longer than with chemical pest controls. Indeed, pesticides typically address infestation problems within a few days, while it may take weeks or months for predators to extinguish the entire pest population. However, biological control gives the peace of mind that comes with environmental preservation and the absence of any negative impacts on your relatives' health.

Although biological pest control features a few limitations, it still remains superior to chemical pest control in one of the most critical aspects of modern societies, including health. Talk with a pest control company, like Fowler Pest Control, about your options.